Denizen Script Object Types

Object Types are the fundamental types of data passed around in a Denizen script, often seen as the return type of a tag.
Learn about how objects work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Identity FormatJust the plain text of the element value, no prefix or formatting.
DescriptionElementTags are simple objects that contain a simple bit of text.
Their main usage is within the replaceable tag system,
often times returned from the use of another tag that isn't returning a specific object type, such as a location or entity.
For example, <> or <list[item1|item2|item3].comma_separated> will both return ElementTags.

Pluses to the ElementTag system is the ability to utilize its tag attributes,
which can provide a range of functionality that should be familiar from any other programming language,
such as 'to_uppercase', 'split', 'replace', 'contains', and many more.
See 'ElementTag.*' tags for more information.

While information fetched from other tags resulting in an ElementTag is often times automatically handled,
it may be desirable to utilize element attributes from text/numbers/etc. that aren't already an element object.
To accomplish this, the standard 'element' tag base can be used for the creation of a new element.
For example: <element[This_is_a_test].to_uppercase>
will result in the value 'THIS_IS_A_TEST'.

Note that while other objects often return their object identifier (p@, li@, e@, etc.), elements usually do not (except special type-validation circumstances).
They will, however, recognize the object notation "el@" if it is used.
MatchableElementTag matchers, often used as a default when other object types aren't available
"integer": plaintext: matches if the element is an integer number.
"decimal": plaintext: matches if the element is a decimal number.
"boolean": plaintext: matches if the element is a valid boolean ("true" or "false").
Extended ByAreaShopTag, BigDoorsDoorTag, FactionTag, GriefPreventionClaimTag, JobsJobTag, LibsDisguiseTag, LuckPermsGroupTag, LuckPermsTrackTag, PartyTag, MobArenaArenaTag, MythicMobsMobTag, MythicSpawnerTag, PlotSquaredPlotTag, PVPArenaArenaTag, ResidenceTag, ShopKeeperTag, SkillAPIClassTag, NationTag, TownTag, ViveCraftPlayerTag, WorldGuardRegionTag, DiscordBotTag, DiscordButtonTag, DiscordChannelTag, DiscordCommandTag, DiscordEmbedTag, DiscordGroupTag, DiscordInteractionTag, DiscordMessageTag, DiscordReactionTag, DiscordRoleTag, DiscordSelectionTag, DiscordTextInputTag, DiscordUserTag, BiomeTag, ChunkTag, CuboidTag, EllipsoidTag, EnchantmentTag, EntityTag, InventoryTag, ItemTag, LocationTag, MaterialTag, PluginTag, PolygonTag, TradeTag, WorldTag, BinaryTag, ColorTag, CustomObjectTag, DurationTag, ImageTag, JavaReflectedObjectTag, ListTag, MapTag, QuaternionTag, QueueTag, ScriptTag, SecretTag, TimeTag