Denizen Script Mechanisms

Mechanisms are found in object properties, the 'adjust' command, and similar. These are used to change the state of an object.
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Related Tags<EntityTag.attack_cooldown_duration> Returns the amount of time that passed since the start of the attack cooldown.
<EntityTag.attack_cooldown_max_duration> Returns the maximum amount of time that can pass before the player's main hand has returned (...)
<EntityTag.attack_cooldown_percent> Returns the progress of the attack cooldown. 0 means that the attack cooldown has just (...)
DescriptionSets the player's time since their last attack. If the time is greater than the max duration of their
attack cooldown, then the cooldown is considered finished.
NOTE: The clientside attack cooldown indicator will not reflect this change!
Generated Example
- adjust <player> attack_cooldown:5m