Denizen Script Object Types

Object Types are the fundamental types of data passed around in a Denizen script, often seen as the return type of a tag.
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Base TypeElementTag
ImplementsFlaggableObject, PropertyHolderObject
Identity FormatThe identity format for entities is a spawned entity's UUID, or an entity type.
For example, 'e@abc123' or 'e@zombie'.
DescriptionAn EntityTag represents a spawned entity, or a generic entity type.

Note that players and NPCs are valid EntityTags, but are generally represented by the more specific
PlayerTag and NPCTag objects.

Note that a spawned entity can be a living entity (a player, NPC, or mob) or a nonliving entity (a painting, item frame, etc).

This object type is flaggable.
Flags on this object type will be stored in the world chunk files as a part of the entity's NBT.
MatchableEntityTag matchers, sometimes identified as "<entity>", "<projectile>", or "<vehicle>":
"entity" plaintext: always matches.
"player" plaintext: matches any real player (not NPCs).
"npc" plaintext: matches any Citizens NPC.
"vehicle" plaintext: matches for any vehicle type (minecarts, boats, horses, etc).
"fish" plaintext: matches for any fish type (cod, pufferfish, etc).
"projectile" plaintext: matches for any projectile type (arrow, trident, fish hook, snowball, etc).
"hanging" plaintext: matches for any hanging type (painting, item_frame, etc).
"monster" plaintext: matches for any monster type (creepers, zombies, etc).
"animal" plaintext: matches for any animal type (pigs, cows, etc).
"mob" plaintext: matches for any mob type (creepers, pigs, etc).
"living" plaintext: matches for any living type (players, pigs, creepers, etc).
"vanilla_tagged:<tag_name>": matches if the given vanilla tag applies to the entity. Allows advanced matchers, for example: "vanilla_tagged:axolotl_*".
"entity_flagged:<flag>": a Flag Matchable for EntityTag flags.
"player_flagged:<flag>": a Flag Matchable for PlayerTag flags (will never match non-players).
"npc_flagged:<flag>": a Flag Matchable for NPCTag flags (will never match non-NPCs).
"npc_<type>": matches if the NPC is the given entity type (like "npc_cow" or "npc_mob" or "npc_player").
Any entity type name: matches if the entity is of the given type, using advanced matchers.
Extended ByNPCTag, PlayerTag