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DescriptionReturns the structure block data of the structure block at the location as a map with the following keys:
- author: ElementTag: The name of the structure's creator. set to "?" for most vanilla structures.
- integrity: ElementTag(Decimal): The integrity of the structure (0-1). Lower integrity values will result in more blocks being removed when loading a structure.
used with the seed to determine which blocks are randomly removed to mimic "decay".
- metadata: ElementTag: Only applies in DATA mode, sets specific functions that can be applied to the structure,
check the Minecraft wiki (🔗 for more information.
- mirror: ElementTag: How the structure is mirrored; "NONE", "LEFT_RIGHT", or "FRONT_BACK".
- box_position: LocationTag: The position of the structure's bounding box, relative to the position of the structure block. Maximum allowed distance is 48 blocks in any direction.
- rotation: ElementTag: The rotation of the structure; "NONE", "CLOCKWISE_90", "CLOCKWISE_180", or "COUNTERCLOCKWISE_90".
- seed: ElementTag(Number): The seed used to determine how many blocks are removed upon loading of this structure (see "integrity" for more information).
- structure_name: ElementTag: The name of the structure.
- size: LocationTag: The size of the structure's bounding box, The maximum structure size is 48,48,48.
- mode: ElementTag: The structure block's mode; "CORNER", "DATA", "LOAD", or "SAVE". See also Mechanism:MaterialTag.mode.
- box_visible: ElementTag(Boolean): Whether the structure's bounding box is visible, only applies in LOAD mode.
- ignore_entities: ElementTag(Boolean): Whether entities in the structure are ignored, only applies in SAVE mode.
- show_invisible: ElementTag(Boolean): Whether invisible blocks in the structure are shown.
Generated Example
- foreach <player.location.structure_block_data> key:key as:val:
    - narrate "<[key]> is set as <[val]>"