Denizen Script Mechanisms

Mechanisms are found in object properties, the 'adjust' command, and similar. These are used to change the state of an object.
Learn about how mechanisms work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Related Tags<MaterialTag.mode> Returns a block's mode. (...)
DescriptionSet a block's mode.
For comparators, input is COMPARE or SUBTRACT.
For piston_heads, input is NORMAL or SHORT.
For bubble_columns, input is NORMAL or DRAG.
For structure_blocks, input is CORNER, DATA, LOAD, or SAVE.
For sculk_sensors, input is ACTIVE, COOLDOWN, or INACTIVE.
For daylight_detectors, input is INVERTED or NORMAL.
For command_blocks, input is CONDITIONAL or NORMAL.
For big_dripleafs, input is FULL, NONE, PARTIAL, or UNSTABLE.
For sculk_catalysts, input is BLOOM or NORMAL.
For sculk_shriekers, input is SHRIEKING or NORMAL.
For tripwires, input is ARMED or DISARMED.