Denizen Script Object Types

Object Types are the fundamental types of data passed around in a Denizen script, often seen as the return type of a tag.
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Base TypeElementTag
ImplementsFlaggableObject, AreaObject
Identity FormatThe identity format for cuboids is <world>,<x1>,<y1>,<z1>,<x2>,<y2>,<z2>
Multi-member cuboids can simply continue listing x,y,z pairs.
For example, 'cu@space,1,2,3,4,5,6'.
DescriptionA CuboidTag represents a cuboidal region in the world.

The word 'cuboid' means a less strict cube.
Basically: a "cuboid" is to a 3D "cube" what a "rectangle" is to a 2D "square".

One 'cuboid' consists of two points: the low point and a high point.
a CuboidTag can contain as many cuboids within itself as needed (this allows forming more complex shapes from a single CuboidTag).

Note that the coordinates used are inclusive, meaning that a CuboidTag always includes the blocks identified as the low and high corner points.
This means for example that a cuboid from "5,5,5" to "5,5,5" will contain one full block, and have a size of "1,1,1".

This object type can be noted.

This object type is flaggable when it is noted.
Flags on this object type will be stored in the notables.yml file.
MatchableRefer to ObjectType:areaobject's matchable list.