Denizen Script Object Types

Object Types are the fundamental types of data passed around in a Denizen script, often seen as the return type of a tag.
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Identity FormatN/A
Description"AreaObject" is a pseudo-ObjectType that represents any object that indicates a world-space area, such as a CuboidTag.
MatchableAreaObject matchers (applies to CuboidTag, EllipsoidTag, PolygonTag, ...), sometimes identified as "<area>":
"cuboid" plaintext: matches if the area is a CuboidTag.
"ellipsoid" plaintext: matches if the area is an EllipsoidTag.
"polygon" plaintext: matches if the area is a PolygonTag.
"area_flagged:<flag>": a Flag Matchable for AreaObject flags.
Area note name: matches if the AreaObject's note name matches the given advanced matcher.
Extended ByCuboidTag, EllipsoidTag, PolygonTag