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NameInteract Script Containers
DescriptionInteract script containers are used to handle NPC triggers.

Interact scripts must be referenced from an assignment script container to be of any use.
See Language:assignment script containers.

The only required key on an interact script container is the 'steps:' key.

Within the steps key is a list of steps,
where the first step is '1', 'default', or any step that contains a '*' symbol.
After that, any steps must be 'zapped' to via the zap command: Command:zap.

Each step contains a list of trigger types that it handles, and the relevant handling that the given
trigger makes available.

Refer to Language:interact script triggers for documentation about the triggers available.
Any triggers used must be enabled in Action:assignment by Command:trigger.

Note that script commands ran in interact scripts by default have a delay between each command.
To override this delay, set 'speed: 0' on the container or change the relevant config setting.

Interact scripts can be automatically disabled by adding "enabled: false" as a root key (supports any load-time-parseable tags).


    type: interact

    # | All interact scripts MUST have this key!

        # The first step
            # Any trigger type here
            click trigger:
                    # Handle what happens when the NPC is clicked during step 1
                    - some commands
            # Other triggers here
        # other steps here

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