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Commands are always written with a '-' before them, and are the core component of any script, the primary way to cause things to happen.
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Syntaxzap (<script>) [<step>] (<duration>)
Short DescriptionChanges the current interact script step.
Full DescriptionChanges the current interact script step for the linked player.

The step name input should match the name of a step in the interact script.
The step name can be '*' to automatically zap to the default step.

If used inside an interact script, will default to the current interact script.
If used elsewhere, but there is a linked NPC with an assignment and interact, that NPC's interact script will be used.
For anywhere else, you must specify the script by name.

Optionally specify a duration. When the duration is up, the script will zap back to the step it was previously on.
If any zap commands are used during the duration, that duration will be discarded.

The command's name was inspired by a command in the language "ZZT-OOP", from a 1991 DOS game enjoyed by the original developer of Denizen.
Related Tags<ScriptTag.step[<player>]> Returns the name of a script step that the player is currently on. (...)
Usage Example
# Use to change the step to 2.
- zap 2
Usage Example
# Use to return to the default step.
- zap *
Usage Example
# Use to change the step to 3 in a script called Interact_Example.
- zap 3 Interact_Example
Usage Example
# Use to change the step to 1 for the defined player in a script called InteractScript.
- zap 1 InteractScript player:<[player]>
Synonyms (Search Aid)step