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Syntaxtrigger [name:<trigger>] (state:{toggle}/true/false) (cooldown:<duration>) (radius:<#>)
Short DescriptionEnables or disables a trigger.
Full DescriptionThis command enables or disables an interact script trigger for the linked NPC.
This is generally meant to be used within the 'on assignment' action in an assignment script.
This might also be useful on timed activations or other special events (such as an NPC that "goes to bed" at the end of the day,
you might disable the proximity trigger that would otherwise normally show a greeting message).

The "name" argument is required, and can have any supported trigger name.
The 4 triggers available by default are chat, click, damage, and proximity.
For more details of the available trigger types, refer to Language:Interact Script Triggers.

The "state" argument can be 'true' (to enable it), 'false' (to disable it),
or unspecified to toggle it (that is, enable if it's currently off, or disable if it's currently on).

You can specify the "cooldown" argument to set how long the trigger must wait
after any firing before it can be fired again.

You can specify the "radius" argument to set how far away a player can be when activating it.
Note that the way this applies varies from trigger to trigger.
For the "chat" trigger, a large radius can be easily accidentally triggered by unrelated chatter.
For the "proximity" trigger, the radius argument should almost always be specified, as you generally want to control this with care.
For the "click" and "damage" trigger, the radius argument will be ignored.
Related Tags<NPCTag.has_trigger[<trigger>]> Returns whether the NPC has a specified trigger.
Usage Example
# Use to enable the click trigger.
- trigger name:click state:true
Usage Example
# Use to enable the chat trigger with a 10-second cooldown and a radius of 5 blocks.
- trigger name:chat state:true cooldown:10s radius:5
Usage Example
# Use to disable the proximity trigger.
- trigger name:proximity state:false