Denizen Script Object Types

Object Types are the fundamental types of data passed around in a Denizen script, often seen as the return type of a tag.
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Base TypeElementTag
ImplementsFlaggableObject, VectorObject
Identity FormatThe identity format for locations is <x>,<y>,<z>,<pitch>,<yaw>,<world>
Note that you can leave off the world, and/or pitch and yaw, and/or the z value.
You cannot leave off both the z and the pitch+yaw at the same time.
For example, 'l@1,2.15,3,45,90,space' or '[email protected],99,3.2'
DescriptionA LocationTag represents a point in the world.

Note that 'l' prefix is a lowercase 'L', the first letter in 'location'.

This object type is flaggable.
Flags on this object type will be stored in the chunk file inside the world folder.
MatchableLocationTag matchers, sometimes identified as "<location>" or "<block>":
"location" plaintext: always matches.
"block_flagged:<flag>": a Flag Matchable for location flags at the given block location.
"location_in:<area>": runs AreaObject checks, as defined below.
If none of the above are used, and the location is at a real block, a MaterialTag matchable is used. Refer to ObjectType:MaterialTag matchable list.