Denizen Script Object Types

Object Types are the fundamental types of data passed around in a Denizen script, often seen as the return type of a tag.
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Base TypeElementTag
Identity FormatThe identity format for ListTags is each item, one after the other, in order, separated by a pipe '|' symbol.
For example, for a list of 'taco', 'potatoes', and 'cheese', it would be 'li@taco|potatoes|cheese|'
A list with zero items in it is simply 'li@',
and a list with one item is just the one item and a pipe on the end.

If the pipe symbol "|" appears in a list entry, it will be replaced by "&pipe",
similarly if an ampersand "&" appears in a list entry, it will be replaced by "&amp".
This is a subset of Denizen standard escaping, see Language:Escaping System.
DescriptionA ListTag is a list of any data. It can hold any number of objects in any order.
The objects can be of any Denizen object type, including another list.

List indices start at 1 (so, the tag 'get[1]' gets the very first entry)
and extend to however many entries the list has (so, if a list has 15 entries, the tag 'get[15]' gets the very last entry).

Inputs that accept list indices will generally accept 'first' to mean '1', 'last' to mean the last entry in the list,
or negative numbers to automatically select an index starting at the end - so for example 'get[-1]' gets the last entry, 'get[-2]' gets the second-to-last, etc.
Synonyms (Search Aid)arraytag