Denizen Script Mechanisms

Mechanisms are found in object properties, the 'adjust' command, and similar. These are used to change the state of an object.
Learn about how mechanisms work in The Beginner's Guide.

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DescriptionPlays a hurt animation that makes the living entity flash red. When the entity is a player, you can change the direction the camera rotates.
Damage direction is relative to the player, where 0 is in front, 90 is to the right, 180 is behind, and 270 is to the left.
For versions 1.19 or below, use Command:animate.
# The player's camera will rotate as if the player took damage from the right and the player will flash red.
- adjust <player> play_hurt_animation:90
# This will flash the entity red as if it took damage.
- adjust <[entity]> play_hurt_animation:0