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Syntaxsneak [<entity>|...] ({start}/stop) (fake/stopfake) (for:<player>|...)
Short DescriptionCauses the entity to start or stop sneaking.
Full DescriptionCauses an entity to start or stop sneaking.
If the entity is NPC, adds the SneakingTrait to apply the sneak setting persistent.

Can optionally use the 'fake' argument to apply a fake sneak using packets, either globally or for specific players.
Use 'stopfake' to disable faking of sneak.
A fake sneak only affects the name plate, not the entity's pose.

Note: using this command on a player will only show to other players. You cannot alter a player in their own view.
Note that Property:EntityTag.is_sneaking is also available.
Related Tags<EntityTag.is_sneaking> (Property) Whether an entity is sneaking. (...)
Usage Example
# Make the linked NPC start sneaking.
- sneak <npc>
Usage Example
# Make the linked NPC stop sneaking.
- sneak <npc> stop
Synonyms (Search Aid)crouch, shift