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Tags are always written with a <between these marks>, and are critical to scripts, as the primary way to read data.
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Description(Property) Returns the current level for a Levelled material, cake, beehives, snow, farmland, or brushable blocks.
"Levelled" materials include: water, lava, cauldrons, composters, light blocks, brushable blocks, and any other future Levelled implementing types.
For light blocks, this is the brightness of the light.
For water/lava this is the height of the liquid block.
For cauldrons, this is the amount of liquid contained.
For cake, this is the number of bites left.
For beehives/bee nests, this is the amount of honey contained.
For snow, this is the number of partial layers, or the height, of a snow block.
For farmland, this is the moisture level.
For composters, this is the amount of compost.
For brushable blocks (also referred to as "suspicious blocks"), this is the level of dusting. 1.20+ only.
See also Tag:MaterialTag.maximum_level and Tag:MaterialTag.minimum_level.
Generated Example
- narrate "the number value is <material[stone].level>"