Denizen Script Tags

Tags are always written with a <between these marks>, and are critical to scripts, as the primary way to read data.
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Description(Property) Returns whether a material is attached.
For a lantern, this sets whether it is hanging from the ceiling.
For a gate, this sets whether it is lowered to attach to a wall block.
For a mangrove_propagule, this sets whether it is hanging from the block above it.
For a tripwire, this sets whether a tripwire hook or string forms a complete tripwire circuit and is ready to trigger.
Updating the property on a tripwire hook will change the texture to indicate a connected string, but will not have any effect when used on the tripwire string itself.
It may however still be used to check whether the string forms a circuit.
For hanging signs, this affects signs hanging below a block and changes whether the chains are vertical (false) or diagonal (true).
Generated Example
- if <material[stone].attached>:
    - narrate "it was true!"
- else:
    - narrate "it was false!"