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Tags are always written with a <between these marks>, and are critical to scripts, as the primary way to read data.
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Description(Property) An armor item's trim.
Allowed keys: material, pattern.
Valid material values can be found here: 🔗
Valid pattern values can be found here: 🔗
Valid values also include ones added by datapacks, plugins, etc. as a namespaced key.
For the mechanism, if an item already has a trim, you can omit either material or pattern to keep the original data while also changing the other option.
For example, if you only want to change the pattern and not the material, you can omit the material, and it will use the already existing material.
Generated Example
- foreach <player.item_in_hand.trim> key:key as:val:
    - narrate "<[key]> is set as <[val]>"