Denizen Script Mechanisms

Mechanisms are found in object properties, the 'adjust' command, and similar. These are used to change the state of an object.
Learn about how mechanisms work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Related Tags<ItemTag.firework> Returns the firework's property value as a list, matching the non-MapTag format of the mechanism. (...)
<ItemTag.firework_data> Returns the firework's property value as a ListTag of MapTags, matching the MapTag format of the mechanism.
DescriptionSets the firework's settings.
Each item in the list can be any of the following:
1: Comma-separated effect data in the format: TRAIL,FLICKER,TYPE,RED,GREEN,BLUE,RED,GREEN,BLUE
For example: true,false,BALL,255,0,0,0,255,0 would create a trailing ball firework that fades from red to green.
2: A MapTag, with "type", "color", "fade_color", "trail", and "flicker" keys.
For example: [type=ball;color=red;fade_color=green;trail=true;flicker=false]
3: A single number, to set the power.
Types: ball, ball_large, star, burst, or creeper
"color" and "fade_color" may be a list of colors.
Note that this is an add operation, provide no input to clear all effects.