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NameWorld Script Containers
DescriptionWorld script containers are generic script containers for commands that are automatically
ran when some given event happens in the server.

The only required key is 'events:', within which you can list any events to handle.

World scripts can be automatically disabled by adding "enabled: false" as a root key (supports any load-time-parseable tags).


    type: world


        # Any event label can be placed here
        # This includes generic labels like 'on entity death:',
        # Specified labels  like 'on player death:',
        # And detailed labels like 'on player death ignorecancelled:true priority:5:'
        some event label:
        # Write any logic that should fire when the event runs.
        # Optionally 'determine' any results to the event.
        - some commands

        # List additional events here

GroupScript Container System