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DescriptionA command that is "~Waitable" (or "Holdable", or that can be "~waited for") is a command that:
- Might potentially take a while to execute
- Is able to perform a slowed execution (that doesn't freeze the server)
- And so supports the "~" prefix.

This is written, for example, like: - ~run MySlowScript

When a command is ~waited for, the queue it's in will wait for it to complete, but the rest of the server will continue running.
This is of course similar to the "wait" command, but waits for the action to complete instead of simply for a period of time.

Some commands, particularly those related to file operation, when ~waited for will move the file operation off-thread.
Others may need to be on the server thread, and may split the operation into smaller segments spread out over 1 tick each or similar logic.
Some of these commands, when NOT waited for, will freeze the server thread until the operation completes.
Others, however, may still perform the action in a delayed/slow/off-thread manner, but simply not hold the queue.
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