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NameThe Save Argument
DescriptionThe "save:<name>" argument is a special meta-argument that is available for all commands, but is only useful for some.
It is written like:
- run MyScript save:mysave

When the save argument is used, the results of the command will be saved on the queue, for later usage by the "entry" tag.

The useful entry keys available for any command are listed in the "Tags" documentation section for any command.
For example, the "run" command lists "<entry[saveName].created_queue>".
The "saveName" part should be replaced with whatever name you gave to the "save" argument,
and the "created_queue" part changes between commands.
Some commands have multiple save entry keys, some have just one, most don't have any.

Many users make the mistake of using dynamic save names like "save:<[something]>" - this is almost always wrong. Use a constant name, just like you do for definitions.
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