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NameScript Event Cancellation
DescriptionAny modern ScriptEvent can take a "cancelled:<true/false>" argument and a "ignorecancelled:true" argument.
For example: "on object does something ignorecancelled:true:"
Or, "on object does something cancelled:true:"
If you set 'ignorecancelled:true', the event will fire regardless of whether it was cancelled.
If you set 'cancelled:true', the event will fire /only/ when it was cancelled.
By default, only non-cancelled events will fire. (Effectively acting as if you had set "cancelled:false").

Any modern script event can take the determinations "cancelled" and "cancelled:false".
These determinations will set whether the script event is 'cancelled' in the eyes of following script events,
and, in some cases, can be used to stop the event itself from continuing.
A script event can at any time check the cancellation state of an event by accessing "<context.cancelled>".
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