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Name/ex command
DescriptionThe '/ex' command is an easy way to run a single denizen script command in-game.
'Ex' is short for 'Execute'.
Its syntax, aside from '/ex' is exactly the same as any other Denizen script command.
When running a command, some context is also supplied, such as '<player>' if being run by a player (versus the console),
as well as '<npc>' if a NPC is selected by using the '/npc sel' command.

By default, ex command debug output is sent to the player that ran the ex command (if the command was ran by a player).
To avoid this, use '-q' at the start of the ex command.
Like: /ex -q narrate "wow no output"

The '/ex' command creates a new queue each time it's run,
meaning for example '/ex define' would do nothing, as the definition will be lost immediately.

If you need to sustain a queue between multiple executions, use '/exs' ("Execute Sustained").
A sustained queue will use the same queue on every execution until the queue stops (normally due to '/exs stop').
Be warned that waits will block the sustained queue - eg '/exs wait 10m' will make '/exs' effectively unusable for 10 minutes.

/ex flag <player> test_flag:!
/ex run npc_walk_script

Need to '/ex' a command as a different player or NPC? Use Language:The Player and NPC Arguments.

/ex narrate player:<[aplayer]> 'Your health is <>.'
/ex walk npc:<[some_npc]> <player.cursor_on>
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