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Name/denizen submit command
DescriptionUse the '/denizen submit' command with '/denizen debug -r' to record debug output and post it online for assisting developers to see.

To begin recording, simply use '/denizen debug -r'.
After that, any debug output sent to the console and any player chat will be added to an internal record.
Once enabled, you should then fire off scripts and events that aren't working fully.
Finally, you use the '/denizen submit' command to take all the recording information and paste it to an online pastebin hosted by the Denizen team.
It will give you back a direct link to the full debug output, which you can view yourself and send to other helpers without trouble.

There is no limit to the recording size, to prevent any important information from being trimmed away.
Be careful not to leave debug recording enabled by accident, as it may eventually begin using up large amounts of memory.
(The submit command will automatically disable recording, or you can instead just use '/denizen debug -r' again.)
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