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NameChat Triggers
DescriptionChat Triggers are triggered when when a player chats to the NPC (usually while standing close to the NPC and facing the NPC).

Interact scripts are allowed to define a list of possible messages a player may type and the scripts triggered in response.

Within any given step, the format is then as follows:

# Some identifier for the trigger, this only serves to make the sub-triggers unique, and sort them (alphabetically).
    # The trigger message written by a player. The text between // must be typed by a player, the other text is filled automatically.
    trigger: /keyword/ othertext
    # Your code here
    - wait 1
    # use "<context.message>" for the exact text written by the player.
    - chat "<context.message> eh?"
# You can list as many as you want
    # You can have multi-option triggers, separated by pipes (the "|" symbol). This example matches if player types 'hi', 'hello', OR 'hey'.
    trigger: /hi|hello|hey/
    - wait 1
    # use "<context.keyword>" for the specific word that was said.
    # this example will respond to players that said 'hi' with "hi there buddy!", 'hello' with "hello there buddy!", etc.
    - chat "<context.keyword> there buddy!"
    # You can have regex triggers. This example matches when the player types any numbers.
    trigger: /regex:\d+/
    - wait 1
    # use "<context.keyword>" for the text matched by the regex matcher.
    - chat "<context.keyword> eh?"
    # Use '*' as the trigger to match anything at all.
    trigger: /*/
    # Add this line to hide the "[Player -> NPC]: hi" initial trigger message.
    hide trigger message: true
    # Add this line to show the player chat message in the normal chat.
    show as normal chat: true
    # If you hide the trigger message but not show as normal chat, you might want to fill that spot with something else.
    - narrate "[Player -> NPC]: I don't know how to type the right thing"
    - wait 1
    - chat "Well type 'keyword' or any number!"
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