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NameRaw NBT Encoding
DescriptionThe item Raw_NBT property encodes and decodes raw NBT data.
For the sake of inter-compatibility, a special standard format is used to preserve data types.
This system exists in Denizen primarily for the sake of compatibility with external plugins.
It should not be used in any scripts that don't rely on data from external plugins.

NBT Tags are encoded as follows:
CompoundTag: (a fully formed MapTag)
ListTag: list:(NBT type-code):(a fully formed ListTag)
ByteArrayTag: byte_array:(a pipe-separated list of numbers)
IntArrayTag: int_array:(a pipe-separated list of numbers)
ByteTag: byte:(#)
ShortTag: short:(#)
IntTag: int:(#)
LongTag: long:(#)
FloatTag: float:(#)
DoubleTag: double:(#)
StringTag: string:(text here)
EndTag: end
GroupUseful Lists