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NameRaid Event Data
DescriptionEvery event related to village raids has a <> property, a MapTag wrapper around raid data (see 🔗
These events are Event:player triggers raid, Event:raid finishes, Event:raid spawns wave, and Event:raid stops.

The data format is as follows:
location: a LocationTag of the raid's center
heroes: a list of PlayerTags that have participated in the raid
raiders: a list of raider EntityTags that remain in the current wave
status: the current status of the raid. See 🔗
age: the raid's age (active time) as a DurationTag
level: the Bad Omen level that the raid was started with
spawned_groups: the number of raider groups spawned
total_groups: the number of groups planned to spawn or already spawned
health: the combined health of all current raiders
waves: the number of waves in the raid
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