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NameInternal Entity Data
DescriptionEach entity in Minecraft has a set of data values that get sent to the client, with each data value being a number id -> value pair.
Denizen allows direct control over that data, as it can be useful for things like setting values that would usually be blocked.
Because this is such a direct control that's meant to impose less restriction, there's no limitations/verification on the values being set other than basic type checking.
Note as well that as these are raw internal values, they are liable to change between minecraft version updates, especially the numeric IDs.
For all possible internal entity data values and their respective ids, see 🔗
Alternatively, you can use the number id directly instead of the names listed there.
For a list of all entity data ids and their values, see 🔗
(note that it documents the values that eventually get sent to the client, so the input this expects might be slightly different in some cases).
You can input the equivalent denizen objects to have them be auto-converted to the internal types.
GroupMinecraft Logic