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NameDenizen Text Formatting
DescriptionDenizen provides a variety of special chat format options like "on_hover" and "on_click".
These options exist within Denizen and do not appear in the historical Minecraft legacy chat format that most plugins and systems read.
That legacy system has 16 colors (0-9, A-F) and a few toggleable formats (bold, italic, etc). It does not contain anything that needs more than just an on/off.

Modern Minecraft, however, supports a JSON based "raw" message format that can do click events, hover events, full RGB colors, etc.

Denizen therefore has its own internal system that works like the legacy format system, but also supports the new options normally only available as 'raw JSON'.

Because it is entirely processed within Denizen, these options only work within Denizen, when performing actions that support raw JSON input.
This magic tool exists to let you write messages without having to write the messy JSON.

Be aware that many inputs do not support raw JSON, and as such are limited only the historical Minecraft legacy format.
Also be aware that click events, hover events, etc. are exclusively limited to the chat bar and the pages of books, as you cannot mouse over anything else.

Also note that RGB colors use a format that Spigot invented, meaning they will work in places that use Spigot's parser OR Denizen's version, but nowhere that uses the vanilla format still.

Thanks to Paper's implementation of component APIs where Spigot was too lazy to, Paper servers have advanced text formatting available in more areas.
GroupDenizen Magic