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NameChat Triggers
DescriptionChat Triggers are triggered when a player chats to the NPC (usually while standing close to the NPC and facing the NPC).

They can also be triggered by the command "/denizenclickable chat hello" (where 'hello' is replaced with the chat message). This is used for clickable triggers.
This option enforces all the same limitations as chatting directly, but unlike real chat, won't display the message in global chat when there's no match.
This requires players have the permission "denizen.clickable".

Interact scripts are allowed to define a list of possible messages a player may type and the scripts triggered in response.

Within any given step, the format is then as follows:

# Some identifier for the trigger, this only serves to make the sub-triggers unique, and sort them (alphabetically).
    # The trigger message written by a player. The text between // must be typed by a player, the other text is filled automatically.
    trigger: /keyword/ othertext
    # Your code here
    - wait 1
    # use "<context.message>" for the exact text written by the player.
    - chat "<context.message> eh?"
# You can list as many as you want
    # You can have multi-option triggers, separated by pipes (the "|" symbol). This example matches if player types 'hi', 'hello', OR 'hey'.
    trigger: /hi|hello|hey/
    - wait 1
    # use "<context.keyword>" for the specific word that was said.
    # this example will respond to players that said 'hi' with "hi there buddy!", 'hello' with "hello there buddy!", etc.
    - chat "<context.keyword> there buddy!"
    # You can have regex triggers. This example matches when the player types any numbers.
    trigger: /regex:\d+/
    - wait 1
    # use "<context.keyword>" for the text matched by the regex matcher.
    - chat "<context.keyword> eh?"
    # Use '*' as the trigger to match anything at all.
    trigger: /*/
    # Add this line to hide the "[Player -> NPC]: hi" initial trigger message.
    hide trigger message: true
    # Add this line to show the player chat message in the normal chat.
    show as normal chat: true
    # If you hide the trigger message but not show as normal chat, you might want to fill that spot with something else.
    - narrate "[Player -> NPC]: I don't know how to type the right thing"
    - wait 1
    - chat "Well type 'hello' or any number!"
    - narrate "Click <element[here].on_hover[click me!].on_click[/denizenclickable chat hello]> to auto-activate the 'hello' trigger!"
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