Denizen Script Events

Events are a way to listen to things that happened on your server and respond to them through a script. These usually pair with 'world' script containers.
Learn about how events work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Player | Depenizen

Category: Player

Event Linesplayer joins
player join
Triggerswhen a player joins the server.
Has PlayerAlways.
Switchesin:<area> to only process the event if the player will be within a specified area.
Contexts<context.message> returns an ElementTag of the join message.
DetermineElementTag to change the join message.
"NONE" to cancel the join message.

Category: Depenizen

Event Linesbungee player joins network
Triggerswhen a player joins the Bungee network (but has not yet entered a server).
Has Playerwhen the player has been on this specific server before.
Contexts<> returns the connecting player's name.
<context.uuid> returns the connection player's UUID.
RequiresDepenizen, DepenizenBungee, BungeeCord

Event Linespvparena player joins
Triggerswhen a player joins a pvparena.
Has PlayerAlways.
Contexts<context.arena> returns the arena denizen object.
CancellableTrue - This adds <context.cancelled> and determine 'cancelled' or 'cancelled:false'
RequiresDepenizen, PVPArena