Denizen Script Events

Events are a way to listen to things that happened on your server and respond to them through a script. These usually pair with 'world' script containers.
Learn about how events work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Nameplayer drags in inventory
Event Lines player drags in inventory
player drags (<item>) (in <inventory>)
Triggerswhen a player drags in an inventory (that is, clicks and then holds the mouse button down while moving the mouse across multiple slots).
Generated Exampleson player drags in inventory:
after player drags stripped_crimson_hyphae:
on player drags zombie_head:
Has PlayerAlways. - this adds switches 'flagged:<flag name>' + 'permission:<node>', in addition to the '<player>' link.
Switchesin_area:<area> replaces the default 'in:<area>' for this event.
drag_type:<type> to only run the event if the given drag type (SINGLE or EVEN) was used.
Contexts<context.item> returns the ItemTag the player has dragged.
<context.inventory> returns the InventoryTag (the 'top' inventory, regardless of which slot was clicked).
<context.clicked_inventory> returns the InventoryTag that was clicked in.
<context.slots> returns a ListTag of the slot numbers dragged through.
<context.raw_slots> returns a ListTag of the raw slot numbers dragged through.
<context.drag_type> returns either SINGLE or EVEN depending on whether the player used their left or right mouse button.
CancellableTrue - This adds <context.cancelled> and determine 'cancelled' or 'cancelled:false'
Has LocationTrue - This adds the switches 'in:<area>', 'location_flagged:<flag>', ...