Denizen Script Events

Events are a way to listen to things that happened on your server and respond to them through a script. These usually pair with 'world' script containers.
Learn about how events work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Nameplayer logs in for the first time
Event Lines player logs in (for the first time)
player (first) login
Triggerswhen a player logs in to the server. This is during the authentication process, and should NOT be confused with Event:player joins.
Generated Exampleson player logs in for the first time:
after player first login:
after player logs in:
Has PlayerAlways. - this adds switches 'flagged:<flag name>' + 'permission:<node>', in addition to the '<player>' link.
Contexts<context.hostname> returns an ElementTag of the player's IP address.
<context.server_hostname> returns an ElementTag of the server address that the player used to connect to the server.
Determine"KICKED" to kick the player from the server.
"KICKED:<ElementTag>" to kick the player and specify a message to show.
Warning(s)Generally avoid this event. This is not a way to get a 'first join' event. This is an internal technical event, with specific uses (eg custom whitelisting).