Denizen Script Events

Events are a way to listen to things that happened on your server and respond to them through a script. These usually pair with 'world' script containers.
Learn about how events work in The Beginner's Guide.

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Namediscord command autocomplete
Event Lines discord command autocomplete
Triggerswhen a Discord user queries a slash command option that can be autocompleted.
# Suggests fruits that are only longer in length than the current input.
on discord command autocomplete name:eat option:fruit:
- define length <context.options.get[fruit].length>
- define fruits <list[lime|apple|orange|blueberry|dragonfruit]>
- determine choices:<[fruits].filter_tag[<[filter_value].length.is_more_than[<[length]>]>]>
# Suggests the 25 best-matching selections from some dataset against the current input.
on discord command autocomplete:
- define value <context.options.get[<context.focused_option>]>
- determine choices:<server.flag[dataset].sort_by_number[difference[<[value]>]].first[25].if_null[<list>]>
Switchesfor:<bot> to only process the event for a specified Discord bot.
channel:<channel_id> to only process the event when it occurs in a specified Discord channel.
group:<group_id> to only process the event for a specified Discord group.
name:<command_name> to only process the event for a specified Discord application command. Spaces are replaced with underscores.
option:<option_name> to only process the event for a specified autocompletable option.
Contexts<> returns the relevant DiscordBotTag.
<> returns the DiscordChannelTag.
<> returns the DiscordGroupTag.
<context.interaction> returns the DiscordInteractionTag.
<context.command> returns the DiscordCommandTag.
<context.options> returns the supplied options as a MapTag.
<context.focused_option> returns the name of the focused option.
Determine"CHOICES:<ListTag>" to suggest values to the Discord client. Up to 25 suggestions are allowed to be sent. Each entry can be an ElementTag which controls both the value and display of the choice or a MapTag with "name" and "value" keys to control both separately.