Denizen Script Events

Events are a way to listen to things that happened on your server and respond to them through a script. These usually pair with 'world' script containers.
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Entity | Vehicle

Category: Entity

Nameentity damaged by entity
Event Lines <entity> damaged by <entity>
<entity> damaged (by <cause>)
<entity> damages <entity>
Triggerswhen an entity is damaged.
Generated Examplesafter hanging damaged by axolotl:
on minecart_hopper damaged by cause:
on fish damages blaze:
on entity damaged by player:
after player damaged by cause:
on entity damages projectile:
Has Playerwhen the damager or damaged entity is a player. Cannot be both. - this adds switches 'flagged:<flag name>' + 'permission:<node>', in addition to the '<player>' link.
Has NPCwhen the damager or damaged entity is an NPC. Cannot be both.
Switcheswith:<item> to only process the event when the item used to cause damage (in the damager's hand) is a specified item.
Contexts<context.entity> returns the EntityTag that was damaged.
<context.damager> returns the EntityTag damaging the other entity, if any.
<context.cause> returns the an ElementTag of reason the entity was damaged - see Language:damage cause for causes.
<context.damage> returns an ElementTag(Decimal) of the amount of damage dealt.
<context.final_damage> returns an ElementTag(Decimal) of the amount of damage dealt, after armor is calculated.
<context.projectile> returns a EntityTag of the projectile, if one caused the event.
<context.damage_type_map> returns a MapTag the damage dealt by a specific damage type with keys: BASE, HARD_HAT, BLOCKING, ARMOR, RESISTANCE, MAGIC, ABSORPTION.
<context.was_critical> returns 'true' if the damage was a critical hit. (Warning: this value is calculated and not guaranteed to be correct if the event is altered).
DetermineElementTag(Decimal) to set the amount of damage the entity receives.
"CLEAR_MODIFIERS" to zero out all damage modifiers other than "BASE", effectively making damage == final_damage.
CancellableTrue - This adds <context.cancelled> and determine 'cancelled' or 'cancelled:false'
Has LocationTrue - This adds the switches 'in:<area>', 'location_flagged:<flag>', ...

Category: Vehicle

Namevehicle damaged
Event Lines vehicle damaged
<vehicle> damaged
entity damages vehicle
<entity> damages vehicle
entity damages <vehicle>
<entity> damages <vehicle>
Triggerswhen a vehicle is damaged.
Generated Exampleson vehicle damaged:
on entity damages vehicle:
on marker damages vehicle:
on entity damages minecart:
on rabbit damages vehicle:
after vehicle damaged:
on horse damaged:
after mob damages vehicle:
after entity damages horse:
on donkey damages horse:
Has NPCwhen the entity that damaged the vehicle is an NPC.
Contexts<context.vehicle> returns the EntityTag of the vehicle.
<context.entity> returns the EntityTag of the attacking entity.
<context.damage> returns the amount of damage to be received.
DetermineElementTag(Decimal) to set the value of the damage received by the vehicle.
CancellableTrue - This adds <context.cancelled> and determine 'cancelled' or 'cancelled:false'
Has LocationTrue - This adds the switches 'in:<area>', 'location_flagged:<flag>', ...