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Commands are always written with a '-' before them, and are the core component of any script, the primary way to cause things to happen.
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Syntaxwait (<duration>) (queue:<name>) (system/{delta})
Short DescriptionDelays a script for a specified amount of time.
Full DescriptionPauses the script queue for the duration specified. If no duration is specified it defaults to 3 seconds.
Accepts the 'queue:<name>' argument which allows the delay of a different queue.

Accepts a 'system' argument to delay based on system time (real-world time on a clock).
When that argument is not used, waits based on delta time (in-game time tracking, which tends to vary by small amounts, especially when the server is lagging).
Generally, do not use the 'system' argument unless you have a specific good reason you need it.
Related Tags<QueueTag.speed> Returns the speed of the queue as a Duration. A return of '0' implies it is 'instant'. (...)
Usage Example
# Use to delay the current queue for 1 minute.
- wait 1m
Usage Example
# Use to delay the current queue until 1 hour of system time passes.
- wait 1h system
Synonyms (Search Aid)delay