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Syntaxteleport (<entity>|...) [<location>] (cause:<cause>) (entity_options:<option>|...) (relative) (relative_axes:<axis>|...) (offthread_repeat:<#>) (offthread_yaw) (offthread_pitch)
Short DescriptionTeleports the entity(s) to a new location.
Full DescriptionTeleports the entity or entities to the new location.
Entities can be teleported between worlds using this command.
You may optionally specify a teleport cause for player entities, allowing proper teleport event handling. When not specified, this is "PLUGIN". See Language:teleport cause for causes.

Instead of a valid entity, an unspawned NPC or an offline player may also be used.

Optionally specify "relative" to use relative teleportation (Paper only). This is primarily useful only for players, but available for all entities.
Relative teleports are smoother for the client when teleporting over short distances.
Optionally, you may use "relative_axes:" to specify a set of axes to move relative on (and other axes will be treated as absolute), as any of "X", "Y", "Z", "YAW", "PITCH".
Optionally, you may use "offthread_repeat:" with the relative arg when teleporting a player to smooth out the teleport with a specified number of extra async packets sent within a single tick.
Optionally, specify "offthread_yaw" or "offthread_pitch" while using offthread_repeat to smooth the player's yaw/pitch to the new location's yaw/pitch.

Optionally, specify additional teleport options using the 'entity_options:' arguments (Paper only).
This allows things like retaining an open inventory when teleporting - see the links below for more information.
See 🔗 for all possible options.
Note that the API this is based on is marked as experimental in Paper, and so may change in the future.
Related Tags<EntityTag.location> Returns the location of the entity. (...)
Usage Example
# Use to teleport a player to the location their cursor is pointing at.
- teleport <player> <player.cursor_on>
Usage Example
# Use to teleport a player high above.
- teleport <player> <player.location.above[200]>
Usage Example
# Use to teleport to a random online player.
- teleport <player> <server.online_players.random.location>
Usage Example
# Use to teleport all players to your location.
- teleport <server.online_players> <player.location>
Usage Example
# Use to teleport the NPC to a location that was noted with the <@link command note> command.
- teleport <npc> my_prenoted_location
Usage Example
# Use to teleport a player to some location, and inform events that it was caused by a nether portal.
- teleport <player> <server.flag[nether_hub_location]> cause:nether_portal
Usage Example
# Use to teleport the player without closing their currently open inventory.
- teleport <player> <player.location.below[5]> entity_options:retain_open_inventory
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