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Syntaxteleport (<entity>|...) [<location>] (cause:<cause>) (relative)
Short DescriptionTeleports the entity(s) to a new location.
Full DescriptionTeleports the entity or entities to the new location.
Entities can be teleported between worlds using this command.
You may optionally specify a teleport cause for player entities, allowing proper teleport event handling. When not specified, this is "PLUGIN". See Language:teleport cause for causes.

Instead of a valid entity, an unspawned NPC or an offline player may also be used.

Optionally specify "relative" when teleporting a player to use relative teleporation (Paper only).
Relative teleports are smoother for the client when teleporting over short distances.
Related Tags<EntityTag.location> Returns the location of the entity. (...)
Usage Example
#Use to teleport a player to the location their cursor is pointing at.
- teleport <player> <player.cursor_on>
Usage Example
#Use to teleport a player high above.
- teleport <player> <player.location.add[0,200,0]>
Usage Example
#Use to teleport to a random online player.
- teleport <player> <server.online_players.random.location>
Usage Example
#Use to teleport all players to your location.
- teleport <server.online_players> <player.location>
Usage Example
#Use to teleport the NPC to a location that was noted wih the <@link command note> command.
- teleport <npc> my_prenoted_location
Usage Example
#Use to teleport a player to some location, and inform events that it was caused by a nether portal.
- teleport <player> <server.flag[nether_hub_location]> cause:nether_portal
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