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Syntaxteam (id:<scoreboard>/{main}) [name:<team>] (add:<entry>|...) (remove:<entry>|...) (prefix:<prefix>) (suffix:<suffix>) (option:<type> status:<status>) (color:<color>)
Short DescriptionControls scoreboard teams.
Full DescriptionThe Team command allows you to control a scoreboard team.

Use the "prefix" or "suffix" arguments to modify a team's playername prefix and suffix.

The "entry" value can be a player's name to affect that player, or an entity's UUID to affect that entity.
You can alternately input a raw PlayerTag or EntityTag, and they will be automatically translated to the name/UUID internally.

Use the "color" argument to set the team color (for glowing, names, etc). Must be from 🔗

Use the "add" and "remove" arguments to add or remove players by name to/from the team.

Use the "option" and "status" arguments together to set a team option's status.
Option can instead be "FRIENDLY_FIRE" or "SEE_INVISIBLE", only allowing status "ALWAYS" or "NEVER".
Related Tags<server.scoreboard[(<board>)].team[<team>].members> Returns a list of all members of a scoreboard team. Generally returns as a list of names or text entries. (...)
Usage Example
# Use to add a player to a team.
- team name:red add:<player>
Usage Example
# Use to add some mob to a team.
- team name:blue add:<player.location.find_entities[monster].within[10]>
Usage Example
# Use to change the prefix for a team.
- team name:red "prefix:[<red>Red Team<reset>]"
Usage Example
# Use to hide nameplates for members of a team.
- team name:red option:name_tag_visibility status:never