Denizen Script Commands

Commands are always written with a '-' before them, and are the core component of any script, the primary way to cause things to happen.
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Syntaxmap [<#>/new:<world>] (reset:<location>) (scale:<value>) (tracking) (image:<file>) (resize) (script:<script>) (dot:<color>) (radius:<#>) (x:<#>) (y:<#>) (text:<text>)
Short DescriptionModifies a new or existing map by adding images or text.
Full DescriptionThis command modifies an existing map, or creates a new one. Using this will override existing non-Denizen map renderers with Denizen's custom map renderer.

You must specify at least one of 'reset', 'script', 'image', 'dot', 'text'. You can specify multiple at once if you prefer.

When using 'reset', you can specify optionally 'scale' and/or 'tracking'.
When using 'image' you can optionally specify 'resize'.
When using 'dot', you can specify any valid ColorTag (it will be compressed to map's color space), and you can optionally also specify 'radius' as a number.
Use "radius:0" with dot to set on a single pixel. 1 or higher will make a circle centered on the x/y given.

You can reset this at any time by using the 'reset:<location>' argument, which will remove all
images and texts on the map and show the default world map at the specified location.
You can also specify 'reset' without a location.

The 'scale' argument takes input of one of the values listed here:

The 'tracking' argument determines if the map will track its location on the map it displays.
This is often the player holding the map's location.

Note that all maps have a size of 128x128.

The file path is relative to the 'plugins/Denizen/images/' folder.
Instead of a local file path, an http(s) URL can be used, which will automatically download the image from the URL given.
If the file path points to a .gif, the map will automatically be animated.

Use escaping to let the image and text arguments have tags based on the player viewing the map.

Custom maps will persist over restarts using the 'maps.yml' save file in the Denizen plugins folder.
Related Tags<entry[saveName].created_map> returns the map created by the 'new:' argument if used.
Usage Example
# Use to add an auto-resized background image to map 3.
- map 3 image:my_map_images/my_background.png resize
Usage Example
# Use to add an image with the top-left corner at the center of a new map.
- map new:WorldTag image:my_map_images/my_center_image.png x:64 y:64 save:map
- give filled_map[map=<entry[map].created_map>]
Usage Example
# Use to reset map 3 to be centered at the player's location.
- map 3 reset:<player.location>
Usage Example
# Use to remove any custom renderers on map 3 and then apply the contents of the named <@link language Map Script Containers> to map 3.
- map 3 script:Map_Script_Name