Denizen Script Commands

Commands are always written with a '-' before them, and are the core component of any script, the primary way to cause things to happen.
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Syntaxheal (<#.#>) ({player}/<entity>|...)
Short DescriptionHeals the player or list of entities.
Full DescriptionThis command heals a player, list of players, entity or list of entities.

If no amount is specified it will heal the specified player(s)/entity(s) fully.
Related Tags<> Returns the current health of the entity.
<EntityTag.health_max> Returns the maximum health of the entity.
Usage Example
# Use to fully heal a player.
- heal
Usage Example
# Use to heal a player 5 hearts.
- heal 10
Usage Example
# Use to heal a defined player fully.
- heal <[someplayer]>