Denizen Script Commands

Commands are always written with a '-' before them, and are the core component of any script, the primary way to cause things to happen.
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Syntaxfish [<location>/stop] (catch:{none}/default/junk/treasure/fish) (chance:<#>)
Short DescriptionCauses an NPC to begin fishing around a specified location.
Full DescriptionCauses an NPC to begin fishing at the specified location.
Setting catch determines what items the NPC may fish up, and the chance is the odds of the NPC fishing up an item.
Related TagsNone
Usage Example
#Makes the NPC throw their fishing line out to where the player is looking, with a 50% chance of catching fish.
- fish <player.cursor_on> catch:fish chance:50
Usage Example
#Makes the NPC stop fishing.
- fish stop