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Syntaxfakeequip [<entity>|...] (for:<player>|...) (duration:<duration>/reset) (hand:<item>) (offhand:<item>) (head:<item>) (chest:<item>) (legs:<item>) (boots:<item>)
Short DescriptionFake-equips items and armor on a list of entities for players to see without real change.
Full DescriptionThis command fake-equips items and armor on a list of entities.

The change doesn't happen on-server, and no armor effects will happen from it.

The equipment can only be seen by certain players. By default, the linked player is used.

The changes will remain in place for as long as the duration is specified (even if the real equipment is changed).
The changes can be manually reset early by using the 'reset' argument.
If you do not provide a duration, the fake equipment will last until manually reset.
This does not persist across server restarts.

Set the item to 'air' to unequip any slot.
Related Tags<> Returns a ListTag containing the entity's equipment. (...)
<> Returns the equipment of an inventory as a list of items. (...)
Usage Example
# Use to fake-equip a stone block on the player's head.
- fakeequip <player> head:stone duration:10s
Usage Example
# Use to fake-equip an iron helmet on two defined players.
- fakeequip <[player]>|<[someplayer]> head:iron_helmet duration:1m
Usage Example
# Use to fake-unequip all armor off the player.
- fakeequip <player> head:air chest:air legs:air boots:air duration:5s
Usage Example
# Use to make all players within 30 blocks of an entity see it permanently equip a shield.
- fakeequip <[entity]> offhand:shield for:<[entity].find_players_within[30]> duration:0