Denizen Script Commands

Commands are always written with a '-' before them, and are the core component of any script, the primary way to cause things to happen.
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Syntaxequip (<entity>|...) (hand:<item>) (offhand:<item>) (head:<item>) (chest:<item>) (legs:<item>) (boots:<item>) (saddle:<item>) (horse_armor:<item>)
Short DescriptionEquips items and armor on a list of entities.
Full DescriptionThis command equips an item or armor to an entity or list of entities to the specified slot(s).
Set the item to 'air' to unequip any slot.
Related Tags<> Returns a ListTag containing the entity's equipment. (...)
<> Returns the equipment of an inventory as a list of items. (...)
Usage Example
#Use to equip a stone block on the player's head.
- equip <player> head:stone
Usage Example
#Use to equip an iron helmet on two defined players.
- equip <[player]>|<[someplayer]> head:iron_helmet
Usage Example
#Use to unequip all armor off the player.
- equip <player> head:air chest:air legs:air boots:air
Usage Example
#Use to equip a saddle on the horse the player is riding.
- equip <player.vehicle> saddle:saddle
Usage Example
#Use to equip a saddle on all nearby pigs.
- equip <player.location.find_entities[pig].within[10]> saddle:saddle