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Syntaxburn [<entity>|...] (duration:<value>)
Short DescriptionSets a list of entities on fire.
Full DescriptionBurn will set a list of entities on fire.
Just specify a list of entities (or a single entity) and optionally, a duration.
Normal mobs and players will see damage afflicted, but NPCs will block damage from a burn unless 'vulnerable'.
Since this command sets the total time of fire, it can also be used to cancel fire on a burning entity by specifying a duration of 0.
Specifying no duration will result in a 5 second burn.
Related Tags<EntityTag.fire_time> Returns the duration for which the entity will remain on fire
<EntityTag.on_fire> Returns whether the entity is currently ablaze or not.
Usage Example
# Use to set an entity on fire.
- burn <player> duration:10s
Usage Example
# Use to cancel fire on entities.
- burn <player.location.find.living_entities.within[10]> duration:0
Synonyms (Search Aid)ignite, fire, torch