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Syntaxadjust [<ObjectTag>/def:<name>|...] [<mechanism>](:<value>)
Short DescriptionAdjusts an object's mechanism.
Full DescriptionMany object tag types contains options and properties that need to be adjusted.
Denizen employs a mechanism interface to deal with those adjustments.
To easily accomplish this, use this command with a valid object mechanism, and sometimes accompanying value.

Specify "def:<name>" as an input to adjust a definition and automatically save the result back to the definition.

You can optionally adjust a MapTag of mechanisms to values.

To adjust an item in an inventory, use Command:inventory, as '- inventory adjust slot:<#> <mechanism>:<value>'.
Note that that is only for items, not actual inventories.
To adjust an actual InventoryTag mechanism, you should still use the normal 'adjust' command, not 'inventory adjust'.
Related Tags<entry[saveName].result> returns the adjusted object.
<entry[saveName].result_list> returns a ListTag of adjusted objects.
Usage Example
# Use to set a custom display name on an entity.
- adjust <[some_entity]> custom_name:ANGRY!
Usage Example
# Use to set the skin of every online player.
- adjust <server.online_players> skin:Notch
Usage Example
# Use to modify an item held in a definition.
- adjust def:stick "display_name:Fancy stick"
Synonyms (Search Aid)mechanism