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Syntaxplayeffect [effect:<name>] [at:<location>|...] (data:<#.#>) (special_data:<data>) (visibility:<#.#>) (quantity:<#>) (offset:<#.#>,<#.#>,<#.#>) (targets:<player>|...) (velocity:<vector>)
Short DescriptionPlays a visible or audible effect at the location.
Full DescriptionAllows the playing of particle effects anywhere without the need of the source it comes from originally.
The particles you may use, can come from sources such as a potion effect or a portal/Enderman with their particles respectively.
Some particles have different data which may include different behavior depending on the data. Default data is 0
Specifying a visibility value changes the sight radius of the effect. For example if visibility is 15; Targeted players won't see it unless they are 15 blocks or closer.
You can add a quantity value that allow multiple of the same effect played at the same time. If an offset is set, each particle will be played at a different location in the offset area.
Everyone will see the particle effects unless a target has been specified.
See Language:Particle Effects for a list of valid effect names.

Version change note: The original PlayEffect command raised all location inputs 1 block-height upward to avoid effects playing underground when played at eg a player's location.
This was found to cause too much confusion, so it is no longer on by default. However, it will still happen for older commands.
The distinction is in whether you include the (now expected to use) "at:" prefix on your location argument.
If you do not have this prefix, the system will assume your command is older, and will apply the 1-block height offset.

Some particles will require input to the "special_data" argument. The data input is unique per particle.
- For REDSTONE particles, the input is of format: <size>|<color>, for example: "1.2|red". Color input is any valid ColorTag object.
- For DUST_COLOR_TRANSITION particles, the input is of format <size>|<from_color>|<to_color>, for example "1.2|red|blue". Color input is any valid ColorTag object.
- For BLOCK_MARKER, FALLING_DUST, BLOCK_CRACK, or BLOCK_DUST particles, the input is any valid MaterialTag, eg "stone".
- For VIBRATION, the input is <duration>|<origin>|<destination> where origin is a LocationTag and destination is either LocationTag or EntityTag, for example "5s|<context.location>|<player>"
- For ITEM_CRACK particles, the input is any valid ItemTag, eg "stick".

Optionally specify a velocity vector for standard particles to move. Note that this ignores the 'data' input if used.
Related Tags<server.effect_types> Returns a list of all 'effect' types known to the server. (...)
<server.particle_types> Returns a list of all particle effect types known to the server. (...)
Usage Example
#Use to create a fake explosion.
- playeffect effect:EXPLOSION_HUGE at:<player.location> visibility:500 quantity:10 offset:2.0
Usage Example
#Use to play a cloud effect.
- playeffect effect:CLOUD at:<player.location.add[0,5,0]> quantity:20 data:1 offset:0.0
Usage Example
#Use to play some effects at spawn.
- playeffect effect:FIREWORKS_SPARK at:<world[world].spawn_location> visibility:100 quantity:375 data:0 offset:50.0
Synonyms (Search Aid)particle